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Smart Colorful Led Light Flash Case for iPhone v2dm211025



– Tough Tempered Glass back cover, full coverage by flexible TPU bumper that wraps securely around your device’s side
– Vein Shatter Resistant Anti Slip
– The inside and outside cover have the same print
– The shiny look and slim fitted shape deliver long-lasting durability and protection in a modernized style.
– Suit Model: iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, iPhoneXSMAX, iPhone6PLUS/6SPLUS, iPhone6/6S, iPhone7PLUS/8PLUS, iPhone7/8

Introduction to the principle of illumination:
– The mobile phone case connector is inserted into the mobile phone for the first time, and it lights 3-5 minutes continuously so that the phone case is fully equipped with the mobile phone
– Light up the screen/ call/ incoming message/ app push, etc., the phone case will light automatically
– After the screen turned off, slightly delayed, then the phone case light turned off. If there is an app running in the background, it will delay the light and trigger the light occasionally
– If the mobile phone Bluetooth is open frequently, it may cause the phone case to be bright